Slaidburn Archive

Slaidburn Archive near Clitheroe

Home of Slaidburn Archive and a beautifully restored 17th century cottage and stable. This unique archive focuses on the history of the upper Hodder Valley.

Slaidburn Archive

The archive brings together a wide range of material for historical or family research. This collection of documents, maps and books all relate to the history of Slaidburn and the upper Hodder Valley in the Forest of Bowland.

The collection includes:

  • The census returns for Bowland Forest, Slaidburn, Newton and Easington (1841-1911)
  • Translations of Slaidburn Manor Court Rolls (1703-1733)
  • Farm Books for over 160 farms
  • Historical and modern photographs
  • Field maps
  • Newsprint
  • Wedding and burial cards
  • Land transfer documents
  • Probates and wills
  • Information on rural crafts and farming practices
  • Architectural histories for notable buildings
  • Information on local families, schools and churches

Research commissions can be undertaken. Please contact the Archive.


Slaidburn Archive is hosued in a listed building. A stable and cottage in the village of Slaidburn, deep in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire.

Built in the late 1600s, the building is a vernacular gem. It is full of rustic character, but also a comfortable place to visit and undertake research.

What does Vernacular mean?

A building “vernacular” when it is made using local materials, methods and styles. Usually these are older buildings, from before regulations and industrialisation standardised architecture.

For example, the cottage and stable housing the Slaidburn Archive has XYZ.

Vernacular buildings are all around us. They are unique to the places they are in. All around the world, local people had their own unique ways of building.


Visits to can be arranged by appointment. Please email or call 01200 446161 to check availability.

Visitors are welcome to view the collection. Archive staff and volunteers are available to advise researchers.

You can contact us in advance to check if we have the information you need.

Slaidburn Archive 25, Church Street, Slaidburn,
Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 3ER

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