Higherford Mill

Right now, artists are creating things inside this mill. That’s nothing new: this mill has been innovative for 200 years!

The problem: the water wheel is not enough….

This mill mixed water and steam power. Now THAT was creative!

During its working life water, coal, steam, hydroelectric, diesel and electricity all powered this mill which is one reason it was given the status of a listed building in 1996.

The problem: not enough hours in the day….

The solution: a “north light weaving shed”. This mill has the earliest surviving example.

Weavers needed a lot of light to see their fiddly work. Weaving sheds have zig-zag shaped roofs with rows of windows facing sun.

Today, 36 artists work here. Before then local people made fabric here for 150 years.

What do industry and art have in common? Higherford Mill!